Thank U

June 2, 2009

He brought this to my door step.  So tell me, how not to LOVE him when he treats me like a queen? Heheh…

Thank YOU.


Krispy Kreme fever

June 1, 2009

It is half past one in the morning and my eyes still wide awake.  Too much caffeine I guess.  Had teh tarik earlier.  BIG mistake!!! Shudn’t have taken it afterall tapi lately ni asyik ngidam je.  Teh tarik, cendol, pasembor padang kota, ayam penyet…u name it.  And I have my eyes glued to this. The best (most sinful) donut I’ve ever had.  Encik Tunang, ( I used to call him Encik Awak but I am now officially upgrading him..heheh) bila kita nak pi Times Square nih???

Too many things lingering in my mind.  Work.  Wedding preparation.  The guest list.  The list is endless, would never stop until the big day ends.  The best part is I’ll be on leave by next week.  The lousy part is I need to clear all the paperwork, presentation before I can get my ass off.  And the funniest part is I need to attend one BIG meeting on the 16th.  Cant imagine how am I going to be inside the meeting room dengan jari yg penuh inai.  Sure akan ada yang gelak tergolek2.  Hampeh.

Btw, tadi ada nampak bedroom set yang sangat chantek.  Harga pun chantek. Being a silly me, I just cant let the image out from my head.  Somehow, it got stuck inside my brain and I keep on seeing the still picture whenever I blink my eyes.  I hate when things like this happen.  Ouch!!!

Ohh, dah 1hb.  Time flies real fast eh.

Manic Monday

May 18, 2009

Bangun pagi ni ada 2 ketul ‘sahabat baik’ bertempek atas pipi..dua2 belah pulak tu…what a day to begin with!!! cehh!!!

Of life…of work…

May 17, 2009

I’ve just realized there are so many things to do with so little time left.  The files keep piling up in the office. PP aku yang sangat efficient tu dah pegi dpa.  So really have to be patient to train the new one.  Hope she’s not that sengal type.  How la to juggle between works and personal.  But I do like the vibes, the sensation, the adrenaline rush coz it makes me feel, errmm..human?  Human in a sense it stimulates my brain to work extra miles.  If not sangatlah pemalasnya, nauzubillah.

I am supposed to draft the aturcara pentadbiran for that Day, tapi ended up blogging and facebooking.  See, how distractive my mind cud be? Hmm…focus plsss!!! Haisshh…

p/s:  Apsal time aku kena drive pegi kl slalu jem dan susah dapat parking?  Kalau time jadi ‘mem besaq’ kat sebelah takdak la pulak tgk org tu kena bertarung nyawa nak carik parking, smooth je journey.  Serious pelik.

awan mendung kelabu

May 12, 2009

I feel like crying.  I really do.


May 8, 2009


Di mana nak mula ya.  Let me count again.  This is the 3rd time i set up a blog.  The 1st one was like 2 years ago, while I was still in Japan.  The 2nd one existed when I was back in Malaysia, but it did not survive long for i’d decided to put an end to it.  And now, is gonna be my 3rd attempt.  Let’s hope and pray that I’m brave not emotional enough to spill whatever thot I have in here.

Cheers.  To a new life blog.